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VNS3 controllers can be upgraded live without the need for an operational window.


  1. From the left menu, click on License Upgrade
  2. Fetch upgrade keyset ID shown in bold and provide to Cohesive Networks to generate new license
  3. Click Import new license upgrade
  4. Paste contents of license recieved from Cohesive Networks
  5. Click submit

VNS3 License Upgrade UI

A license upgrade needs to be deployed to all of the Controllers of a peered VNS3 topology.

Along with the license upgrade key you will have received with the key a “License Upgrade ID”. After clicking “Submit” your License Upgrade ID is displayed on the user interface. It should be the same as the one you received with your license upgrade. If your license upgrade requires any new data such as IP Addresses to use for new Clientpacks, there will be an opportunity to enter it on the screen, and then you “finalize” the upgrade by hitting “Submit” again.

You will then see the contents of the license displayed, and should confirm that your new license contents has the parameters you expected. In this example case the license upgrade added the ability to have 2 more remote endpoint definitions for use with IPsec tunnels. Looking at the previous picture you will see the total of “ipsec_max_endpoints” was 50, and after the upgrade is increased to 52.