Remote Support


In the event Cohesive needs to observe runtime state of a VNS3 Controller in response to a tech support request, we will ask you to open Security Group access to TCP port 22 (SSH) from our support IP,, and Enable Remote Support via the Web UI.


Note that TCP 22 (ssh) is not required for normal operations.

Secure, temporary access

Each VNS3 Controller is running a restricted SSH daemon, with access limited only to Cohesive for debugging purposes controlled by the user via the Remote Support toggle and key exchange generation.

Cohesive Networks will send you an encrypted passphrase to generate a private key used by Cohesive Support staff to access your Controller. Access to the restricted SSH daemon is completely controlled by the user. Once the support ticket has been closed you can disable remote support access and invalidate the access key. This two step process enables you to revoke access at any time and ensure that no third party can every gain access to VNS3 controllers.

Get in touch with support here.

VNS3 has NO secret passwords!

VNS3 Admin Remote Support UI