User Administration

User Administration and LDAP

Click Users to add VNS3:ms UI user accounts.

VNS3 MS Admin Users Page Image

Currently two types of users are supported; admin and user (read-only).

To add a user click Add User, enter the required information, then click Save.

VNS3 MS Admin Users New Image

LDAP Settings

VNS3:ms Administration section is available by clicking on the admin top right corner drop down menu, then click on System Administration. Click LDAP Settings to set to setup a connection between VNS3:ms and an existing LDAP server for user and role management.

VNS3 MS Admin LDAP 1 Image

The Connection Test button is useful in validating the VNS3:ms system has network extent to the LDAP server that’s being configured.

Once an LDAP server and Schema Properties have been appropriately configured and saved, the LDAP users will be added to the user page and flagged as LDAP users. The default user role is the read-only user but administrator account privileges can be added by clicking the Edit button.

If the LDAP connection drops, the LDAP users will remain listed on the Users page but LDAP users will not be able to log into the VNS3:ms instance as the authentication with the LDAP server will not be able to complete.

VNS3 MS Admin LDAP 2 Image