VNS3:ms Backup

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VNS3:ms Administration section is available by clicking on the admin top right corner drop down menu, then click on System Administration.

Click Backup to create and manage the back files for the VNS3:ms system. Backup files are very similar to the VNS3 Snapshots in they contain all the runtime configuration information of a VNS3:ms system.

From the Backup page you can create a Backup file, download that file locally, upload a Backup file or restore the state of the VNS3:ms system from one of the Backup files already created.

NOTE: if you decide to restore the VNS3:ms state from a previous Backup file, the system will reboot as it loads the Backup and you will be logged out.

It is recommended best practices to keep a current Backup file for recovery purposes.

VNS3 MS Admin Backup Image